Monetary Policy Perspectives

Monetary Policy Perspectives (MPP) provides MA’s view of the U.S. economic outlook, relates the outlook context to the communications and policy actions of the Federal Reserve, and connects both the outlook and Fed actions to key developments in U.S. financial markets. learn more…

U.S. Macro Insights

The U.S. Macro Insights Service includes all of the information clients need to be fully informed about the state of the U.S. economy and prospects for growth, inflation, interest rates, and broad financial market trends. learn more…

Macro Financial Scenarios

MA provides insurance companies, banks, endowments, pension funds and others macroeconomic and financial scenarios to drive through internal capital models for the purpose of testing asset adequacy. learn more…

Model Service

Clients of MA’s Model Service license MA’s Structural Macro Model Software, MA/US, housed within MA’s proprietary model-simulation software. They receive comprehensive training, support and updates.  learn more..

Custom Analysis

In addition to our subscription services, MA frequently performs custom economic analysis. To inquire about our custom services, please contact us.

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