The MA Model of the U.S. Economy: MA/US

MA/US is MA’s state-of-the-art structural model. We released a major update in December 2012.

  • Individual sectors/key relationships modeled according to modern theory
  • Well-articulated financial sector – real sector interaction
  • Developed and refined over thirty years by MA’s principals
  • Estimated on actual data, not calibrated, i.e. it fits the data!
  • Employs cointegration & error correction estimation techniques

MA/US is useful for both forecasting and performing alternative scenarios.

  • Enforces consistency among macro/financial variables and across exercises
  • Enforces discipline on the user to specify assumptions and analyze misses
  • Structure helps tell the story of the forecast or alternative scenario

MA/US is in use at top economics shops in the government and private sector.

  • CBO, Treasury, CEA, OMB, Labor, Commerce, Federal Reserve…
  • Sell-side, buy-side, commercial banks, hedge funds, non-financials

MA’s proprietary simulation software makes model simulation flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

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A model-based approach has many advantages.