From the start, MA has been known for our modeling expertise. We work hard to stay at the forefront of macro modeling and to incorporate new research and econometric methods into our model. We released a major update of our structural macro model, MA/US in December 2012, with significant additional enhancements released in February 2015. In support of our client’s needs for expanded financial detail we continue to build out our auxiliary models that now include hundreds of yields and other financial indicators used to drive market and credit risk models as well as inform the asset allocation process.

We are proud to share our modeling with clients who want to make their own forecasts, conduct their own policy analysis and develop their own alternative scenarios.

Clients interested in developing their own model-based forecasts understand that model building and forecasting is a team sport, requiring vast resources. By subscribing to MA’s Model Service, these clients have access to MA’s structural econometric model of the U.S. economy, MA/US, and receive extensive support from the MA team. They receive (monthly or quarterly) updates of our forecasts in the software interface that we have developed. By licensing the MA/US software, clients are able to produce their own forecasts, perform policy analysis, and construct alternative scenarios. We provide training on the statistical model and associated software and stand ready to assist our model-using clients in getting the most out of the model and all other MA services.

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